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Agency Users say Whats the fuss!

Agency Users say Whats the fuss!
The current economic landscape may suggest a worsening employment picture but a more optimistic forecast has been made by senior recruiters across the UK. Midlands based recruiter Encore Personnel Services asked a cross section of agency users how they thought their businesses would be affected and the results showed that the outlook is far from gloomy.
The survey looked at three significant factors affecting the future usage of temporary workers and was sent to senior recruitment decision makers such as HR Department Heads and Managing Directors across the UK. They were asked to predict how they thought their usage of temps would be effected by a changing economic outlook, the impact of increases to the National Minimum Wage and to extended holidays and finally to the imposition of the EU Agency Workers Directive.
The results make interesting reading
Over 47% of clients believed they would use the same amount of temporary labour over the coming year as last year. 
With the increase in minimum wage and the holiday payment increase next April, 86% of Encores clients surveyed believe it would not affect them and that their use will remain the same.
74% of businesses believe that when the AWD comes into force they will still continue to use temporary labour in the same way.
Managing Director, Greg Latham, commented Its encouraging to note the general positivity of these responses especially as we enter into unchartered territory as far as the economy is concerned. The results definitely challenge other commentators beliefs and its comforting to know that client confidence is better than otherwise suggested. My belief is that any further adjustment to the National Minimum Wage, however, will have a major effect on wage inflation pressures and subsequently unemployment.


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