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GLA Says Over 33% of Northern Ireland's Gangmasters Are Unlicensed

Over a third of Northern Ireland gangmasters are
Many gangmasters may be breaking the law by supplying workers to farms and the food industry without a licence according to ICM research conducted on behalf of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA).
The research surveyed employment agencies in Northern Ireland and found that only 63% of agencies supplying workers to the food processing & packing sector and 64% who supply workers to the farming & horticulture sector hold a GLA licence. It was also noted that the smaller agencies were more likely to be unlicensed.
Other findings include:
Only 40% of agencies hold a GLA licence although 60% of agencies surveyed
supply workers to the GLA regulated sectors and would need a licence
20% of those who supply to the regulated sector had not heard of the GLA
14% of agencies did not know that a licence was required to supply workers
into certain sectors
Only 1 in 8 could correctly identify when a licence was required
32% of respondents wrongly believed that a licence was required for
massage parlours, casinos and certain nightclubs


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