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Gangmaster Closed Down

Unsafe Housing and injuries lead to licence revocation with immediate
The Gangmasters Licensing Authority have revoked the licence of a Northamptonshire gangmaster with immediate effect. The action was taken as a result of serious concerns over the safety of workers following allegations of unsafe accommodation and an injury to a worker.
A14 Vehicle Hire based in Kettering must stop supplying workers to GLA regulated industries or face prosecution under the Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004. The GLA will also be reviewing licence applications from connected businesses.
Allegations include:
Workers have been housed in overcrowded and unsafe accommodation and a number of houses were immediately closed by the local Authorities for breaches of gas and electrical safety regulations.
15 workers and 3 children were found in a 4 bedroom house
One worker was run over by a leek rig which did not have safety equipment in place to ensure that the rig stopped on contact with any worker
The owner of the business attempted to mislead GLA officers A14 Vehicle Hire have the right to appeal against the GLA decision. Paul Whitehouse, Chairman of the GLA said: This was a scandalous set up with no regard for the individuals who suffered. Whilst we are satisfied that the evidence gathered to date justifies the immediate revocation of the licence, we are still assessing exactly what happened and gathering further evidence. There is a possibility that we could still uncover further abuses.


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