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Employee Shocker

A survey released from Ceridian, one of the largest providers of human resource services in the world, has revealed the shocking lengths that employees would go to in order to keep their job in the downturn.
The survey of over 1,000 UK employees shows that even when the cost of living is rising and house prices are falling, one in ten respondents would be willing to take a pay cut. In addition, over a quarter would be prepared to have their hours and their pensions contributions axed and one in ten would take a demotion to make sure that they are not one of the nearly two million unemployed in the UK.
Three in five people are fearful of the impact that the downturn will have on their lifestyle, yet the research has revealed that in order to keep their job nearly half of the employees surveyed would be prepared to work longer hours, 44% of staff would accept an increase in workload and one in three people would voluntarily put in extra hours which could potentially see employee stress levels soaring.
This is even more concerning considering almost half (47%) of the respondents agreed that they would forego their private healthcare, in a bid to keep their job and 43% would put additional healthcare such as counselling and physiotherapy on hold.
As the recession tightens its grip we are seeing staff compromise their principles and adopt survival tactics to stay ahead of the game. Nearly one in ten are prepared to stab people in the back in order to prove their value at work. With a quarter of people choosing to self promote and one in five becoming more ruthless to secure their position. Adding to this destructive atmosphere almost one in ten agreed that they would tolerate unacceptable behaviour from their managers in order to keep their job.
Half of workers will use their privileged IT access rights or bribe the IT department to snoop around the network to get the insider track on whos next to go!
It would seem desperate times call for desperate measures as a survey released today shows that workers will do almost anything to keep their jobs but at a cost to the employer!! The survey, into The Global Recession and its Effect on Work Ethics, carried out by IT security data experts Cyber-Ark, found that more than one third of the 600 office workers (from New Yorks Wall Street, Londons Canary Wharf and Amsterdam, Holland), confirmed they would be willing to work 80 hours a week, with 25% prepared to take a salary cut, if it meant they could keep their jobs. Nevertheless, these workers are using their IT privilege access rights to conspire behind their bosses backs to download vital, useful and competitive information to take with them if and when they get the push!
Redundancy is a sore word and rumours that they were looming would send 46% of the global workers interviewed scurrying about trying to obtain the redundancy list. Half said theyd try using their access rights to snoop around the network and, if this failed, theyd consider bribing a mate in the IT department to do it for them.


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