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MEPs vote to end opt-outs from the Working Time Directive

MEPs vote to end opt-outs from the Working Time Directive MEPs have voted by 421 votes to 273 (with 11 abstentions) to end opt-outs to the Working Time Directive. The average 48-hour working week should be calculated over 12 months, they say, and all on-call time should be included in working time.
This was the 2nd reading vote by the European Parliament, which has equal decision-making power with the Council of Ministers on this legislation. Unless the Council accepts all amendments adopted today by the European Parliament, discussions will continue between the two institutions with a view to finding agreement before the next European Parliament elections in June 2009. Among the main points of the Directive, as adopted by MEPs were: The individual opt-out from the 48-hour week will end 3 years after the Directive is adopted The average 48-hour week can be calculated over 12 months The entire period of on-call time, including the inactive part, to be working time, unless a collective agreement determines otherwise For workers with more than one contract of work, working time shall be the sum of the periods of time worked under each of the contracts The Directive will not apply to chief executive officers, other senior managers and persons directly appointed by a board of directors.


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