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Advantage Professional Launches Wellbeing Days

Advantage Professional Launches Wellbeing Days

Leading HR resourcing and consultancy group offers employee health checks

Resourcing and consultancy group Advantage Professional (formerly GW Professional) offered instant employee health checks as part of its recent Wellness Week.

The group appointed Water (for Work and Home) to handle the health checks using its Water Wellpoint kiosk. The personalised health checks include six vital sign measurements: weight, hydration quota, body mass index, body fat content, heart rate and blood pressure each test takes about five minutes, after which the individual receives their own discreet print-out of their test results. An anonymised report was then provided to management, allowing the company to review its wellbeing at work strategy based on the hard evidence provided.

240 employees from group member companies including Crone Corkill, FSS and Strategi Search and Selection participated at their London and Reading offices with 136 having their vital signs checked.

The intention was to provide participants with information to allow them to make informed decisions about their immediate health and wellbeing.

A spokesperson for Advantage Professional said: We think of ourselves as a fast moving, forward looking organisation, and the Wellness Week reinforces these values. It has proved very successful we want to empower our employees to live and work healthily, and we needed data so we can make informed decisions regarding wellbeing issues. The Water Wellpoint was a central part of this process and has given us a real insight into the wellbeing of our team. The sessions added considerably to their wellbeing at work knowledge base, empowering them to look at personal wellness in a new light.

Ben McGannan, managing director of Water (for Work and Home) said: Advantage Professional wanted a system that allowed them to health check the majority of their staff, quickly and efficiently. Bringing the system into the workplace allows individuals to learn more about their health and wellbeing in a simple and discrete way individuals can then make informed choices about their health and using the Water Wellpoint system regularly allows them to monitor and track improvements in their health.


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