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APSCo to meet with Government

APSCo to meet with Government on January 29th re drafting Temporary Agency Workers Directive into UK law

Meeting with Department which will draft UK legislation
The newly formed Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) is to hold a key meeting with the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) on January 29th 2009 as the Government begins the process of implementing the Temporary Agency Workers Directive (TAWD) into UK law.

The meeting will be the first major lobbying initiative for APSCo since merging with the Forum of Professional Recruiters (FPR). The Association of Technology Staffing Companies (ATSCo) played a key role lobbying on behalf of the recruitment industry on the TAWD in Europe and with the UK Government before its re-launch as APSCo.

APSCo says that holding early discussions with BERR as it begins the process of drafting the UK legislation is vital to ensuring that the exclusion of contractors lobbied for by APSCo in Brussels is fully implemented into UK law.

Ann Swain, Chief Executive, APSCo, comments: Weve won some key battles, but the war isnt over. The official wording of the Directive suggests that there is room for the professional staffing sector to be excluded, and the noises we are hearing from the Government echo this, but as ever the devil will be in the detail of whats on the UK statute book.

It is absolutely essential we have the Governments ear during the preliminary drafting stages of the new law. UK lawmakers increasingly understand that the professional staffing industry is completely separate from the recruiters who place vulnerable workers, but we have to keep hammering that message home.

She adds: We go into this meeting with the full weight of the professional staffing industry behind us and significantly enhanced political clout following the merger with the FPR.

APSCo points out that Andrew Miller MP, the Chairman of the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee, which aims to ensure any regulation passed in the UK is appropriate, endorsed the campaign by APSCo to exclude the professional staffing sector from the TAWD at a House of Commons event last October.


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