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Fusion People Launch Global Recruitment Website

Fusion People Launch Global Recruitment Website

Construction and Engineering candidates can now access a single destination to search for job opportunities in more than 30 countries.

Fusion People, a Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 listed company that provides technical recruitment services for the built and natural environment has announced the launch of its global recruitment web site .

The new website allows candidates to conveniently visit a single online destination to search for job opportunities in over 30 countries. Rather than create multiple individual websites on a country-by-country basis Fusion People have pooled resources from its global office network to establish a single site with world wide job listings to enable candidates to easily research different job openings around the globe.

The search technology on the website combines two approaches to finding the right job match - search and browse - into one seamless capability, allowing candidates to continually adapt their search based on their own determination of relevancy. This unique approach accommodates true human searching behaviour, showing candidates all possible paths for exploration, how jobs in different sectors and disciplines relate and how best to hone and enhance a search as they learn more about the range of International jobs available. Another key differential of the site is its location based search functionality a feature powered by Google maps to provide users with a quick way of pin pointing the precise location of a job opportunity.

There are many additional features all built around enhancing the user experience including: targeted email and SMS alerts, resources, downloadable documents, enhanced company branding opportunities and specialist careers advice within the built and natural environment.

The company seek to have their website attract a growing number of professionals with experience in both domestic and overseas markets through careful SEO positioning and link building initiatives.

Mark Swain, Director of Fusion People, said Our new site has been developed to help professionals manage their careers and their movement through the international job market. We set ourselves apart from other agency sites because we are global and focus on the construction and engineering sector alone. Our increased ability to present and share high quality job talent across our global office network will enable us to continue to provide our clients with the best candidates and unparalleled service."


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