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Interim Consulting the new recruitment growth area with recession busting potential?

The world financial collapse in recent months and the deepening recession are indeed extremely worrying, but as in previous downturns, the recruitment market will adjust to meet current business demands.

The vital need for EU plc is to continue to innovate to stay competitive otherwise companies will quickly fall behind, and ultimately fail. While traditional consultancy will continue to contribute to maintaining that essential competitive edge, it is very likely that Interim Consultancy will play an increasingly important role, and grow rapidly.

With more bad news coming in daily, its tempting for companies to put recruitment issues on hold, and to wait to and see what happens. But no sensible company can afford to wait for long. Tony McNeill, Managing Director of B2E Resourcing, sums up the situation neatly, The current economic crisis will have a dramatic and lasting effect on the recruitment marketplace. I expect to see an increased and sustained shift away from permanent employment, towards more flexible arrangements which will drive growth for Interim Consulting services.

Interim Consultancy is an attractive option for several reasons. There are a large number of high quality consultants available, and many of them have previously been trained by the major consulting houses. Company budgets for consultancy will almost certainly reduce very substantially, and Interim Consultancy (which offers clients a very cost effective solution in many consultancy situations), is very well positioned to take advantage of that.

Also, Interim Consultancy has the ability to provide very well matched candidates to meet specific needs, and to do deliver those candidates very quickly and efficiently. The self selection factor helps too, ie consultants themselves have access to the entire job market, and tend to choose the best fit job, where their talents add most business value.

Interestingly, as the marketplace changes, we may well see an increase in the proportion of Interims to Permanent staff, and there are early indications that this may be happening.

Overall the trend to Interim Consultancy is encouraging, because it offers clients access to an expanding pool of high calibre consultants, providing an essential resource for what will be an extremely challenging year ahead.


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