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Job Prospects Threatened by Failure to Retrain

Job Prospects Threatened by Failure to Retrain Biggest Recruitment Agency Warns

Britain's work force is "woefully ill-prepared" to compete for jobs in the public sector one of the few anticipating vacancies in 2009 -- the UK's largest specialist recruitment agency is warning.
Hays UK believes that people looking for more job security by moving from the private sector are failing to recognise that they need to retrain, or prepare for the different work ethos and pressures that they will face.
"It is clear to us that people underestimate how tough it can be to get into the public sector, how fierce the competition will be, and how many will be seeking work for which they are undertrained," said Mark Staniland, a specialist in public sector recruitment and managing director or Hays Public Services. "The truth is that jobseekers are going to have to fight and tooth and nail for limited vacancies."
Mr Staniland blames a perception that working in the public sector is less demanding for lulling people into a false sense of security.

"The message we have to get across is that people simply must retrain in order to get ahead, not just wait and hope their private sector skills will magically transfer. Often they won't."
Hays is campaigning to raise awareness of the need to retrain and be aware that public sector jobs make particular demands, from technical language to knowledge of different processes . "Moving from one sector to another is extremely difficult in this climate and people need to research into different qualifications and training programmes.
"Teaching and nursing are good examples. For example, a secretary moving from the private sector would need specialist training to become a medical secretary in the NHS.
"An accountant will not necessarily need to retrain, but will certainly need to get up to speed with a variety of different legislations, statutory frameworks and accountancy systems."


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