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Bespoke Payroll And Back Office Service Provider Becomes A Patron Of The NACFB Providing A Broader Range Of Financial Services To Members Clients

London, UK, 27 January 2009 PayDynamics has become a patron of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB). As well as offering commercial finance in the form of factoring, PayDynamics offers bespoke payroll and back office services that will broaden the range of services currently offered by NACFB patrons.

The NACFB is a very well-respected association that has worked hard to secure the integrity of the commercial broker market," said Liam Blackmore, sales manager for PayDynamics. "Becoming a patron of the association provides us with the opportunity to build relationships with various commercial finance brokers and together bring our services to the attention of those that will benefit from them most."

The NACFB was founded in 1992 to raise standards of professional practice in the commercial broker industry. Its aim was to secure the integrity and future well-being of the broker market for the benefit of both brokers and their customers. The association publishes these standards in its own industry recognised code of practice, which has been adopted by a number of commercial and other finance brokers. The NACFB furthers the principles of good practice by seeking to work with kindred associations.

Our patrons are a very important part of our structure, said Adam Tyler, chief executive of NACFB. Our patrons work closely with their commercial clients and it is important that they can advise them on a plethora of financial services that can help them prepare for every eventuality. Patrons provide an extra source of information to our brokers.
By building professional relationships, patrons and brokers can work together and ultimately enhance the services brought to the client.

PayDynamics is the UK's only 100% flexible payroll and back office service.
It uses proprietary payroll and administration systems tailor-made to suit each companys needs. By outsourcing these functions, companies can make savings in excess 80%, dramatically cutting their costs and increasing
profit lines.

We strive to bring a full range of financial services to our members and their clients through our patrons," said Adam Tyler. "PayDynamics offers an extra string to our commercial finance bow by adding bespoke payroll and back office services. This is especially important in the current economic climate where conventional commercial finance is practically non-existent.
Organisations need an alternative source of finance and PayDynamics can
provide them with that.

Liam Blackmore concluded: "We are proud to become a patron of the NACFB and to advocate their code of practice. We look forward to the opportunities ahead.


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