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Australian Industry innovator launches yet another Industry First

Australian Industry innovator launches yet another Industry First - Specialist Recruitment Job board - Recruit Me Now
We saw the launch of Recruitment Academy in May 2006 an initiative created by founder and Managing Director, Michael Dimopoulos who identified a distinct gap in the market place for candidates interested in pursuing a career in recruitment.  Recruitment Academys highly acclaimed induction course is responsible for inducting hundreds of candidates entering the Industry and now the Industrys first online recruitment induction course now available on line.  
In May 2008 Michael Dimopoulos identified yet another gap and is the creator of Recruit Me Now - The first ever exclusive Recruitment Industry job board.
Recruit Me Now is Australia and New Zealands exclusive Recruitment Industry career site developed to bring job seekers and employers together, experience the most sophisticated site technology and showcase the most impressive range of products & suppliers servicing the Recruitment Industry.
Candidates are able to apply directly to recruitment job ads placed by agencies and agencies now seeking recruitment professionals will have the ability to apply directly to candidate on-line profiles ads.
Users are able to download resumes, psychometric reports, view live interview/introduction footage, coordinate interview times and make offers to candidates, utilising all the advertiser and candidate features of this site. This is much more than just a mere job board says Michael Dimopoulos.This innovation will not only be an industry first but will be far more effective than current industry sourcing processes and pose less risk to both the candidates and clients. Apart from increasing the calibre of candidates within the Recruitment Industry, recruitment agencies will have the choice to select candidates directly from Recruit Me Now at a third of the costs of current industry sourcing arrangements.Michaels drive to share his experience and passion for the industry will continue to work towards a commitment to increase the calibre of recruitment professionals entering the industry and be at the forefront and leader of industry innovation.
With the continuing price war on all major Job Boards and the current economic climate founder and Managing Director Michael Dimopoulos says its time to introduce a far more cost effective solution to our Industry. Dimopoulos believes that over the past 3 years listening to clients the most common issue was always around the continuing rise of job board fees, how the major players always had a better advantage over the SMEs and boutique agencies not to mention within minutes your jobs fell into a plethora of no mans land of cyber.
Its time to take a stance and Recruit Me Now asks that if the Industry supports Recruit Me Now, it will guarantee never to enter into the monopoly that the Job Board space has become and will always be a cost effective solution to advertising positions, after all its advertising on the internet so surely the current costs are unrealistic. Far too much money has been made out of the Industry to date and Recruit Me Now will ensure a far greater return of investment being an Industry Specific Career Site.
This is the first stage of Recruit Me Nows pricing relief and there will certainly be many more initiatives to come says Dimopoulos. Hes objective is to showcase the No. 1 Recruitment Industry Career Site demonstrating impressive recourses, functionalities and technology which is far greater than a mere Job Posting board. The Recruitment Industry was well overdue for its own career site says Dimopoulos and it is time to take a stance which he believes that Recruit Me Now is the best site in the market and has already seen a number of advertisers flocking to the site.
As Michael says, at last the convenience of one pond to fish from, so come on in and have a splash around after all, it's your pond .


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