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GLA Teams Up With Council

Abuse of Vulnerable Workers in the East Midlands Major new initiative in Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire will be the first County Council to team up with the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to launch a major new initiative to target rogue gangmasters and deal with the community issues they create. Whilst strong action is being taken against the rogue gangmasters, the knock on effects to the local communities are now being considered. Those living near the houses packed with exploited workers, sharing the roads with dangerously unfit minibuses and local shops not seeing the benefits of workers being properly paid for the work they do are the most likely to benefit from the new initiative. Council staff working in these areas and receiving complaints from residents about these issues can share this information with the GLA and if the issues are connected to gangmaster activity the GLA can investigate and help the workers which in turn will help the local community.

Nottinghamshire County Council is at the forefront of tackling the abuse of vulnerable workers. The Council and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority have signed an agreement to work together to identify potential abuse of vulnerable workers, often migrant workers, in agriculture and the food and drink processing and packaging industries. Councils have a major role in stamping out abuse and their staff on the ground are the key to identifying potential abuse. Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Partnerships said: By working together, we can help reduce the numbers of workers who are exploited in Nottinghamshire, which will help to protect both them and our local communities.

Paul Whitehouse, Chairman of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority said: This initiative is common sense, Nottinghamshire County Council want to resolve community problems and the GLA needs information about exploited workers. Councils have significant front-line contact with migrant workers, whether though Trading Standards activity, licensing of Houses of Multiple Occupation, or emergency welfare support. Working together we can tackle exploitation and resolve problematic issues within the community Abuse of vulnerable workers could be happening anywhere, in any county and to anyone. Both Nottinghamshire County Council and ourselves detest this abuse and we will combine to stamp it out effectively and without compromise in Nottinghamshire. There can be no hiding place for the abusive gangmaster and there can be no tolerance of the abuse of vulnerable workers in the county.

Last year the GLA revoked a record number of licenses from gangmasters and the GLA has now toughened up the enforcement of workers‟ rights and the standards gangmasters are expect to meet. The abuse of vulnerable workers also undercuts the legitimate business, operating within the law. We are determined that good business will not be undercut by the rogue businesses who use unlicensed gangmasters and exploit the workers. The work of the Trading Standards Officers at Nottinghamshire County Council will see more crucial intelligence flowing into the GLA. This intelligence is the key to stamping out the abusive gangmasters.


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