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Global survey finds cautious UK

Global survey finds cautious UK employment market but healthier picture in Scotland
A major new survey of hiring and firing trends in over 100 countries has found that UK businesses are remaining cautious in the downturn with less than a third currently hiring. However despite this, over 50% of companies in Scotland are currently taking on new staff.
According to the Global Snapshot report from international recruitment specialist, Antal, which surveyed employers in 107 countries around the world, 28% of UK organisations are hiring managerial level personnel. Although this figure is set to fall, the number of businesses letting staff go is also set to drop. The Scottish employment market seems to be in relatively good health with 54% of companies currently hiring.
The global financial situation has certainly had an effect on the jobs market here  Adam Kaye says  who runs Antals operations in the UK. Hiring activity is down from the last quarter but only by a modest 3% so the underlying employment market seems relatively stable at the moment. The fact that less companies plan to let people go in the near future is encouraging and suggests that UK business is cautiously waiting to see what the coming months have in store.
Most in demand across the country are managers and professionals with sales and marketing experience. Organisations are planning to increase their recruitment levels in this area, with 35% of the sales and marketing sector expecting to hire during the next quarter.
Elsewhere in Western Europe there is a very mixed picture. The downturn is taking its toll on the Spanish and Dutch markets with businesses in the two countries expecting to implement a drop in hiring levels during the next quarter. Germany is also set to experience this drop but hiring rates look to remain healthy at 64%. The outlook in Malta and Italy also looks fairly positive with recruitment remaining stable and relatively high.
When we undertook our last survey of hiring and firing around the globe in the autumn of 2008, most countries appeared confident about the future. Now that confidence has faltered, but it seems, hasnt evaporated completely, says Antals global CEO, Tony Goodwin. There is no denying that the slowdown in economies across the world has had a knock-on effect on jobs and career development prospects for professionals and managers at all levels. However this does not mean that recruitment has come to a complete stop by any means. Rather than being a classic downturn, this one seems to be developing a very specific nature, which hits certain countries and sectors extremely hard whilst leaving others parts of Eastern Europe and industries such as pharmaceuticals, bio-tech and renewables, for example - relatively or even completely unscathed.


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