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REC keeps VAT Staff

REC keeps VAT Staff Hire Concession firmly on the agenda
The REC met with key Treasury officials last week on the VAT Staff Hire Concession.
Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the REC said: "We used this meeting to press home the concerns of members that the removal of the staff hire concession will reduce temping opportunities in the affected sectors. It is clear that the Treasury are considering the impact of the concession carefully and are keen to understand how agencies may be using alternative business models to mitigate the effect of the removal of the concession. It is possible that they may allow more time for these models to be put in place."
Green continued "The REC has made numerous representations to the Treasury on this matter over the years. Our high profile media campaign has brought this issue to the attention of Ministers at the highest level. It simply does not make sense to be seeking ways to create jobs on the one hand and remove measures, such as the concession, which will add cost to the supply of temporary staff. REC has brought together a coalition of bodies representing the affected sectors to ensure that Ministers are aware of the effect of the removal of the concession. REC will continue to lead the fight to delay the removal of the concession at this critical economic time."


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