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Nearly nine in ten techies plan to look for a new career in 2009
-Research from The IT Job Board indicates the sectors employees will look for better career opportunities in the year ahead-
According to the latest piece of research undertaken by The IT Job Board,, nearly nine in ten techies plan to change their job in 2009.
When surveyed, over 50 percent or respondents stated that this was down to finding better career opportunities, and 45 percent wanted to look for a new job in order to earn more money.
Nearly two thirds of techies plan to further develop their technical skills through a new job, and more than half believed that a career change would help to improve their work/life balance.
Almost half of those surveyed believed that the economic downturn would have some negative impact on the IT sector, but that it would not be as affected as other industries.
Of the 11 percent of respondents who did not plan to look for a new job in 2009, 46 percent advised that this was because they were happy with their current job, and 36 percent cited that the volatile economic climate would prevent them from doing so.
Alex Farrell, managing director of The IT Job Board, commented: Its positive to see that the sectors employees do not believe the economic downturn will have a major impact on career opportunities. And, I am surprised by how many plan to look for new work in the year ahead.
It will be paramount for employees to attract and retain quality staff, and help them to improve their technical skills.
And, it will be down to job boards and recruitment consultants to work with prospective employers to ensure that the right candidates are being effectively targeted.


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