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DONT BE A TWIT WHEN YOU TWITTERLegal and financial recruitment specialist, Sellick Partnership, has warned candidates to tweet with caution, as employers wake up to the ability to track potential employees through Twitter.Social networking site, Twitter, has fast become a global phenomenon, attracting millions of people from all walks of life, from businesses and celebrities to schoolkids. The site, which enables you to post 140 characters per message and update, can be read by anyone, anywhere and is popular with businesses looking to network and discuss products and services. However, many people now have personal accounts, which has led to Twitter becoming a popular snooper tool in the recruitment process. Information put on your twitter profile is automatically saved, so it allows people can look back at every post you have ever made. Gill Turnock, Group Director at Sellick Partnership commented: Employers use social networking sites regularly to check up on current employees and prospective ones. It is important that you bear in mind the impact of including sensitive information about your work or personal life, on any social networking site because any derogatory or offensive opinions could scupper your chances of getting your dream job.
The Hirer Advises Jobseekers to Separate Their Personal From Their Public Life Online
Following reports that 16 year old Kimberley Swann was sacked from her job for saying that it was boring on her Facebook page, Greta Hill-Lyons, Director of Glasgow-based multimedia company The Hirer has advised Kimberley and other jobseekers to separate their personal from their public life online.
Ms Hill-Lyons said, It still amazes me when people dont separate their personal and public lives online. You do it in every other aspect of your life. Im betting the way you speak to your mother is different from the way you chat to your mates on Bebo or the way you address your boss!
Of course, if youre smart then youll have your networking sites locked so only a favoured few can read it. But, if you are even smarter, you'll get on The Hirer career network too so that you can start talking work with like-minded people and creating opportunities for yourself and your career.
The Hirer career network is a platform that keeps jobseekers personal and public life separate and gives jobseekers the opportunity to show their public face to future bosses.


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