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CIETT Says Agency Work can drive economic recovery

CIETT Says Agency Work can drive economic recovery for Europes businesses

This weeks Czech Presidency conference in Prague on Implementing flexicurity in times of crisis will highlight the role that agency work can play in managing the crisis and driving competitiveness.

Even though the number of agency workers has decreased over the last months, the agency work industry continues to create jobs that otherwise would not exist. There are currently more than 3 million agency workers employed in Europe (in daily full time equivalent basis), representing around 10 million people entering or re-entering the labour market through temporary assignments on a yearly basis.

Agency work can play a key role in limiting the negative impacts of the economic crisis by:
Enhancing competitiveness by creating positive conditions for economic sustainability, thereby securing permanent jobs
Facilitating the transition between unemployment and work
Providing a flexible form of labour that allows more people to enter the labour market
Enhances the employability of workers through training and investment
Effectively matches supply to demand in the workplace.

In times of economic crisis, governments should take advantage of the contribution of agency work to better functioning labour markets, said Eurociett president Annemarie Muntz. Agency work embodies the principle of flexicurity as a highly regulated industry, we provide both flexibility and work security to people and companies. Our industry should have full access to governmental programmes and subsidies established in the framework of active labour market policies. Furthermore, the level of regulation on agency work should be adapted (e.g. by lifting the ban on the use of agency work in the Public Sector in Spain) in order to unlock the industrys contribution to facilitating transitions in the labour market and to prepare the ground for an improved job-creating economic recovery.

Annemarie Muntzs comments echo the recent OECD report, Going for Growth released on 3rd March 2009, which states the debacle in financial markets should not call into question the beneficial effects of recommended reforms of product and labour markets.


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