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Connex Unique Education RPO?

Connex Education one of the UKs fastest growing Education agencies (according to the Sunday Times Fast Track) has launched what it believes to be the UKs first and only Education specific RPO offering with its Vendor Neutral VMS (Vendor managed solution).

Commenting on the launch Mark Beedles Managing Director commented Over the last few years we have seen a massive growth in RPO (Recruitment Process outsourcing) especially within the Public sector however we have seen a number of spectacular failures within the Education sector. The standard model simply does not work

Connex have spent the last 12 months in research and development. Mark Beedles explains The problem with the standard RPO model is that it does not work for all parties, in fact in some cases none of the parties he went on We decided to take a step back from what was being done, and look at what was and was not working, from there we built our model and systems around this.

Connexs approach has been to develop a collaborative model that works for and with all parties, making the transaction as easy and simple to use as possible, whilst offering client savings and margin maintenance for the agency partners.

Mark Beedles commented The flaw in the traditional model is that it is imposed on both agencies and users alike which has caused resentment in a number of areas he continued The education market is indeed different, because we are dealing with the education and protection of children. Personal relationships with candidates and clients alike are paramount and form the cornerstone of everything we as agents do, it is for this reason we have developed our model in this way

Connex have said the reception from client so far has been extremely positive. Mark Beedles commented although early days, clients seem to love the idea, we will now push on with this and hopefully have a trail up and running soon


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