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Deluge of applications

Deluge of applications leaves businesses at risk of damaging their reputation
Organisations risk permanently damaging their long-term recruitment proposition as they are unable to deal with unprecedented levels highly skilled applicants when they recruit in the current market reports Aspen Partners the recruiter of in-house recruiters.
Commenting on the trend Director Andrew Mountney said, We are hearing anecdotal evidence from recruiters of individual roles receiving upwards of 300 applicants within 24 hours of going live where a year ago responses would have been in single figures. Lean recruitment teams already under headcount pressure are simply not equipped in many cases to deal with these volumes and are unable to respond to candidate groups with high expectations.
Todays on demand customer culture extends to job applications which despite general market conditions means that candidates expect swift responses and feedback to applications and in many cases to be called for interview. This is out of step with slow moving recruitment processes and highly talented previously in demand candidates failing to make the short-list.
Andrew added, Candidates are expressing their frustration and through networking sites have public forums to vent their complaint. Whether fair or not it leaves businesses who are hiring with a conundrum they may be the only business recruiting in their sector and attracting great applicants, but if they do not manage the hiring process exceptionally they carry long-term risk of disenfranchising rejected talent now who would be valuable to the organisation in the future.
As the recession bottoms out hiring businesses will continue to come under pressure to provide a great recruitment service when they hire to an increasingly frustrated candidate base. This will likely present short-term opportunities for recruiters to act as screening consultants on specific projects or for outsourced response management firms to pick up new clients where hiring is more consistent to ensure companies maintain a strong recruitment brand.


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