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Parasol, a leading employment services provider and one of the UKs fastest growing businesses is bucking the economic trend by investing 300,000 to upgrade its Flexible Employee (FE) portal.  This comes in response to its contractors needs, as identified in a recent survey.
The new portal, My Parasol, is a joint development between Parasol and Gdel Technologies Europe and has been designed to dramatically reduce the time and effort required by contractors in inputting information.  Equally, the new features will make it easier for them to claim the expenses they are entitled to. 
The updated dashboard will provide more intuitive navigation making it quicker and easier to enter information thus reducing errors. The portals enhanced pay tracker technology will enable Parasols flexible employees to see exactly how much they are going to get paid and monitor the stage their invoicing is at.  
Contractors will also be able to receive same day payments through the automated CHAPs system and have end to end control over some additional transactions.
My Parasol has been through months of testing, involving real contractors to ensure that it is fit for purpose and delivers the requisite efficiencies in time and information management.  Given that many contractors spend a considerable amount of their own time inputting timesheets and expense claims, this portal will help them reclaim their weekends.
John Whittaker, contractor said: Yes the new website is great, its much easier to navigate and to enter repeat information, such as daily expense claims. Its also feels a lot more robust, more helpful and it is clearer what is happening.
Parasol is looking into developing a version of the portal that can be downloaded to an iPhone or Blackberry, giving contractors greater flexibility on the move.
Parasols managing director, Rob Crossland, says: As the UKs leading PAYE umbrella company we are keen to respond to the needs of our flexible employees.  This investment in developing My Parasol reflects our long term commitment to this end.
At the same time, by using Parasol, contractors will be assured that their contracting career is completely legal.  This equates to peace of mind - a very valuable commodity in the contracting world.


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