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Preparation an issue says Hays

Preparation an issue: Jobseekers could do better

The majority of jobseekers are poorly prepared, have not done their research and are in desperate need of advice. The findings come as part of an authoritative new survey by specialist recruitment company Hays, as jobless figures soar above the 2 million mark

Workplace research conducted by Hays found that only 14% of employers felt job candidates were much better prepared than they were before the recession began. Almost everybody (96%) uses the company website to research the organisation, but only 4% make full use of all sources, including annual reports and industry contacts.

As one employer put it: Interviewees rarely demonstrate that they have spent time finding out about the firm. With so much available on the internet, frankly when they say they havent had a look, I know at that point they will not be suitable.

Only 42% of jobseekers look for recent news articles to prepare for an interview, although over half (57%) of employers expect this. Another common mistake is not highlighting transferable skills on a CV one in ten job seekers (11%) only highlight transferable skills on a CV if they have time.

Tim Cook, Managing Director of Hays UK & Ireland, comments: Given how many people are now competing for each job, it is surprising that candidates are simply not giving themselves the best chance. Employers tell us that turning up on time and looking the part is futile unless the preparation has been good. The message is do your homework.

But its not all bad news. Just 5% of jobseekers turned up to interviews not looking the part whilst 7% were late. Turning up on time and looking smart seem to be the two things that candidates do right.
Tim Cook continues : There is no need to panic. It is a competitive jobs environment, but with the right advice jobseekers can give themselves the edge. People should do their homework on the company they are applying to and make sure they have a good question up their sleeve to ask at the end of the interview. Always make sure transferable skills are flagged up employers place a huge emphasis on these core skills.


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