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REC hosts General Assembly

REC hosts General Assembly and Board meeting of ECSSA

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation hosted the latest general assembly and board meeting of the European Confederation of Search and Selection Associations (ECCSA).

The meeting involved executive search specialists from all over Europe, including the representative bodies from Belgium, Germany, Spain, France and Italy as well as the UK. Key discussions focussed on the current state of the executive market across Europe and on some of the major policy debates on the European level that will have a direct impact on the top end of the recruitment market in Europe.

The Association of Executive Recruiters (AER), which is part of the REC, will be feeding in to a number of these ongoing debates. Commenting on the outcome of the meeting, David Winterburn who is the ECCSA President and the AER representative on the Board said "In these challenging times,the collaboration of 7 European Countries representing over 500 individual firms with shared passions and standards has never been so important. Our relationships across borders with fellow professional recruiters will help build a sustainable future for both our profession as a whole and its practitioners."

Key outcomes and messages from the ECCSA Board meeting in London were as follows:
The market across Europe is clearly suffering in the current downturn. Countries such as Spain and Italy have been especially badly hit

One priority for ECCSA is to become a leader in terms of research and data on the executive market across Europe. As part of this plans are being developed for a regular tracking survey which would provide regular updates on the market and on how employers are using executive search providers.

In terms of public policy, the European Commission's consultation on the 'Skills Agenda' will provide a major opportunity for the execitive search industry across Europe to develop a strong collective voice and to feed in to the extremely topical debate of how we can develop leadership capability for the future.
A high profile conference is planned for 2010 and one of the priorities is to continue promoting the contribution that exective search providers make to employers and to job seekers across Europe.


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