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The migration of sports industry talent to new markets in the Middle East and Asia is continuing despite the global economic slump, according to Will Lloyd, co-founder of Sports Recruitment International.
Speaking at the inaugural Global Sports Forum in Barcelona, Lloyd said that new money which has come into sport in recent years from fast developing economies had created a bedrock of opportunities for sports executives with a global outlook, cultural awareness, languages and appropriate skill set.
Lloyd was selected to join a panel of respected sports executives and administrators at the prestigious event to contribute to a discussion on the changing financial and physical map of world sport from an employment-based perspective. The world has changed tremendously in the last decade and that is being felt in sport as much, if not more, than other sectors of the global economy, he said.
While even those economies which were held up as examples of stellar growth until two years ago have slowed down, the job vacancies we are helping to fill at present are the legacy of the investment made in new facilities, the creation of new leagues and administrative bodies, and new media in recent times, he said.
Lloyd told the audience of sports professionals, government officials and academics that sports geographic shift was part of a process of evolution which would continue for the foreseeable future. Sport has become a truly global phenomenon whose big names are recognized and revered worldwide, he said.
The shift in the economic axis towards Asia and the Middle East is likely to see more world class events taking part in many sports, increasing the inventory for broadcasters and delivering vital new marketing platforms for sponsors. We are witnessing organisations demand more complex skills sets from sports professionals to provide much more sophisticated levels of delivery at major sporting events.
The impact of this shift will ultimately make sport a more central part of the culture of countries in which it is currently first and foremost a form of entertainment. Ultimately this will, itself, create new opportunities. In theory, at least we are seeing the beginning of the development of a virtuous circle.


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