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worries over Ofsted registration

REC childcare group voices worries over Ofsted registration system for nannies

Concerns have been raised by the Recruitment and Employment Confederations Childcare Sector Group over the current process in which nannies wanting to apply to be on Ofsteds Childcare Register do not have to offer any proof of their qualifications.

Nannies are eligible to sign on to Ofsted s voluntary register of childcare providers, but under the current system, there is no requirement to produce any evidence of their qualifications, but just tick the relevant box on the application form.

Judith Ivers, the Childcare Sector Group Chair, said after a meeting of the sector group: This is very worrying for all recruiters because if parents see on a nannys CV that she is Ofsted- registered, they have no real perception of what this really means.

We are very concerned that this issue is not being addressed and we call on Government to change the procedure so that nannies have to provide proof of their qualifications before they can be registered. REC is committed to promoting and practising safe recruitment at all levels and our members will carry out checks to insure that nannies have the right qualifications as well as Ofsted registration before they are introduced to parents.

The childcare sector groups meeting was addressed by Sue Evans and Sharon Russell from Ofsted s Childrens Directorate. They stressed the role of Ofsted was to protect children and reassure parents through its registration and inspection of childcare providers. Within the Childcare Register, nannies and home child carers are among the group who can apply to be on its voluntary register.

The Childcare Sector Group will be campaigning on this issue over the coming year.

Key aspects of the campaign will be identifying how Ofsted's information can be more transparent so that it is clear to nannies how they can qualify in the core competencies, and clear to parents that Ofsted registration does not involve the checking of qualifications. In the longer term the Group will be campaigning for a change to the registration procedures so that Ofsted also require proof of qualifications before they register a nanny.


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