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350 recruitment agencies sign up to Government job search initiative

A total of 350 private sector recruitment agencies have signed up to a government initiative which is offering specialist job search support to newly unemployed professionals and executives.

The initiative which is expected to run for two years, will inform work seekers on modern job hunting skills and how to update their skills to secure relevant jobs. The agencies who have so far expressed an interest all have experience of working with this target group of jobseekers.

Commenting on the scheme, Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), said: We welcome DWP's initiative to utilise the skills of the recruitment industry. A number of those currently seeking work are from the higher end of the jobs market. There is a real need for specific support and guidance especially as a number of jobseekers have not had to look for work for many years.

The recruitment market place is a very different one to what it was a decade ago with the take off of new job hunting techniques such as job boards and social networking sites. This scheme will help job seekers to fully utilise these tools and bring them up to speed with the modern labour market.

"The feedback from recruiters is that despite trying conditions, there are still jobs out there and people are still finding work. Recruiters know what employers are looking for and this initiative will help to pass on their expertise to people who are out of work.

"Recruiters are already playing an important role in getting people into work, both permanent and temporary. One of the advantages our flexible labour market affords us is that there are a whole host of opportunities out there, including temporary, interim and contract placements."

James Purnell, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, said: We want everyone who loses their job to get the help they need to get back to work. That is why we are giving newly unemployed professionals the opportunity to access support from specialist recruitment agencies.

We realise the need to provide tailored help to all job seekers, whatever their background, and Jobcentre Plus is geared up to offer advice and support to everyone who is looking for work - irrespective of profession or occupation. However, some people from professional or executive backgrounds may require bespoke help.

The Service would also be available to people engaged through the Jobcentre Plus Rapid Response Service (RRS), who are under notice of redundancy or have not yet claimed Jobseekers Allowance.


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