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A new interactive feature launched by TwitterJobSearch.

A new interactive feature launched by TwitterJobSearch., gives visitors an immediate view of all vacancies posted onto the Twitter platform according to their location. Useful for those seeking employment in particular locations, the real-time visual map also proves just how fast professional use of the service is growing in different countries and cities around the globe.
TwitterJobSearchs JobMap ( allows people to drill down by continent, country or specific location, providing additional layers of detail as the map zooms in, with jobs signposted with a blue marker. The tool initially focuses on jobs posted by city, simply because that is the information most often used in job overviews, but any vacancies that provide more detailed address data in the original Tweet or destination url, such as postal or zip code, can be pinpointed exactly on the map. The total number of jobs posted in that location is displayed in a speech bubble with the option of clicking through for more information.
Once someone has focused in on a city or location, one click takes them straight to the job results page on TwitterJobSearch where the results are ordered by relevancy. People can then visit the original tweet on Twitter, follow the person who posted the message, or simply go straight to the destination url to apply for the job in question. Showing all new jobs posted onto Twitter in the last 72 hour period, the feature dynamically updates every few minutes to evolve according to the latest activity on Twitter.
"Although we had the data, it was still surprising to see the global reach of businesses using Twitter for their recruitment efforts," commented Bill Fischer, co-founder of TwitterJobSearch.  "Mapping the vacancies shows how quickly it is being adopted by the hiring community. The UK and US are clearly leading the pack currently, but were also already plotting jobs from places as far-flung as Puerto Rico, Grand Canaria, and Azerbaijan."
The location shown on the map can be edited on the site, then grabbed as a widget from and posted onto third party sites or blogs in seconds. This feature is especially useful for multi-location businesses using Twitter that want to show their website visitors exactly where their vacancies are located around the world, as well as those looking to analyse exactly how either recruitment activity, or business use on Twitter is evolving.
Visual mapping tools based around Twitter have previously only been designed to provide information on where a users network resides in the physical world. TwitterJobSearch aims to evolve the potential of this technology to provide information about vacancies from Twitter and beyond.
The TwitterJobSearch JobMap, like the core service, requires no registration, is free to use and automatically incorporates all unique vacancies posted onto Twitter at no charge.


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