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Groupe Crit - Resilient performance

Groupe Crit - Resilient performance in a difficult market

In 2008, Group CRIT sales amounted to 1 452.2 million vs 1 450.7 million sales over the same period of 2007. This evolution is at constant scope. Q4 sales, posting a fall of 12.6% to 322.6 M, are penalized by the degradation of the economic context observed at the end of the exercise.
Temp. Business : limited decrease and gain of market shares
In Temp. Business segment (86% of total sales), the 2008 sales amounted to 1 253.4 million, posting a limited decrease of 2.1%.

International 2008 sales increased by 0.7% to 98.2 million. The group benefits from the sustained yearly growth in Switzerland, Germany and Morocco. These three countries which totalise sales up to 34 million in 2008, increased on average by 25%. In Spain, with sales amounted to 62.8 million posting a decrease of 10.3%, the Group shows a very good resistance compared to the Spanish national market.

Multiservices : a two digits growth
In 2008, Multiservices business segment sales amounted to 198.8 million, posting an increase of 16.5%. Q4 sales kept growing with sales of 48.3 million, rising by 8%.
This good performance stems from the dynamics in Airport activities with sales amounted to almost 133 million, posting an increase of 25.7%. This two digits growth, in line with expectations, should allow a good level of profitability.

Given its solid market shares and segment positions, its strategy combining commercial efforts intensification and optimization of profitability in France and abroad, the Group is ready to cope with a difficult economic environment in 2009. In addition, its robust financial structure allows the Group Crit to be ready for any acquisitions opportunities that could be triggered by the current environment.


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