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increased popularity of contract working

Challenging economic conditions leads to increased popularity of contract working
Professionals in the UK are showing an increased interest in taking on contract work, according to a Robert Walters survey.
Professional candidates from around the globe were asked their views on taking up a contracting rather than a permanent position 4,288 respondents from 17 different countries took part in the web poll.
Nearly three quarters (68%) of British respondents said they would be happy to take on a contract role, closely followed by New Zealand (63%) and the United States (61%).
Professionals in Continental Europe seem to prefer the stability that permanent roles have to offer nearly half (40%) of respondents in Spain said that they would not consider contract work, followed by the French (30%) and Belgium (23%). This could also reflect the different employment legislation that exists in European countries.
A high proportion of respondents in Malaysia (51%) and Singapore (50%) said they would only consider contracting if there were no permanent roles available.
More than half (55%) of all respondents said theyd be happy to take on contracting. One third (33%) said they would only take up contracting if there were no permanent roles, and only 12% of respondents world-wide, would not consider it.
Oliver Harris, Managing Director of contract recruitment at Robert Walters, commented:
It is well known that employers can turn to temporary recruitment in tougher economic conditions - as a means of controlling headcount costs and maintaining productivity. What is interesting is that candidates are also increasingly focusing on the flexibility that contract work can offer from hours worked through to the experiencing of different work environments and roles.
Whilst contracting may not offer the stability of a permanent role, this is offset by higher pro-rata rates of pay and professionals can get back into the workplace much more quickly.  Candidates are also attracted by the opportunity to broaden their experience by working in different functions across a business.


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