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National interim management specialist, Interim Partners, has scooped three ISO quality standards this month. They are the environmental standard ISO 14001, the data security standard ISO 27001 and the quality standard ISO 9001.
To meet the environmental standard ISO 14001, Interim Partners had to demonstrate its contribution to recycling and minimising energy wastage. We kept strict records of paper use, recycled documents and divided waste for recycling says managing director Doug Baird. The protocols were very comprehensive and required us to provide references from our cleaners regarding their use of materials and confirmation that we encouraged staff to follow energy saving procedures.
These are all good disciplines and not only do they save energy but they also demonstrate our employees environmental awareness and cost control.
The second quality award made to Interim Partners was for data security. For this it was necessary for the company to demonstrate that it had first class data security and recovery practices in place.
The third standard ISO 9001 is less unique as many businesses have adopted this standard to show they maintain and develop high quality management systems that work across the business in everything form planning to customer service.
Although Mr Baird considers it unique for a recruitment business to gain all three quality standards awards, especially the environmental standard used by the many in the manufacturing sector or the data security standard more commonly used by software houses, he believes that it was worthwhile for the company to work through the protocols and ensure its work practises are carried out to a high standard.
We were already carrying out some of the activities that the standards support, adds MR Baird. But the ISO system ensures that these are reinforced and fully documented. We will work hard to maintain the standards as it is an ongoing measure and we will be audited each year which will keep us on our toes
We are pleased to demonstrate our success to our clients, many of whom are required to follow the same procedures. Clients such as the NHS are actually seeking these quality assurances from their suppliers and encourage us to complete them.
Having been awarded three such standards is a credit to all our staff in the Harrogate and London offices who have all individually worked consistently hard to execute these procedures to a high level.
Interim Partners was set up by Doug Baird in 2003. Last year it ranked 13th in the Sunday Times UKs 100 fastest growing private companies on sales value during a three year period. In the past four years Interim Partners has grown at a compound rate of 137%, raising its turnover from 0.48m in 2004 to 9.5 million in 2008.


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