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Fuse Learning, which provides a range of training, personal productivity and HR-related services, has seen a sharp increase in clients' requirements for temporary and interim staff over the last few months as the recession has been taking its toll on workforces across almost every sector.

Client Services Director Michael Packman said: We launched FuseConnect, our specialist staff division, last autumn at a time when the economic outlook already looked grim. We did so in response to demand from clients who were looking for a more professional alternative to traditional recruitment agencies with their high-pressure, sales-led approach.

Since then the division has exceeded our expectations, with success in temporary and permanent staff provision for both the public and private sectors.

It is often suggested that the public sector is immune from the recession. While that may be true to some extent, due to the statutory nature of some of its functions, there have been job cuts in a number of fields and we are also seeing recruitment freezes. In some cases, however, the recruitment freeze has led to a requirement for the placement of temporary or interim staff.

While it is true that the private sector in general is struggling, we have found that business critical posts, where there is a strong return on investment case, are still being filled. For example, one of our clients was recently looking for a senior international project manager with wide-ranging skills and experience to take on a permanent position in a support and trouble-shooting role for key overseas clients. Our approach was and is so customer focussed that100% of our candidates went to interview. The client remains ecstatic with their final choice and can demonstrate a clear link between the work that this person is undertaking in their organisational bottom line.

Fuse Learning provides a range of services which empower organisations to link their investment in people, in all its forms, to their corporate objectives and ensure that their staff are equipped to contribute effectively to a modern, strategic, working environment.

In addition to FuseConnect the company provides a range of specialist learning and development services, including evaluation return on investment in learning, its Profectus stress-free productivity clinic, Resilient HR its service for HR directors and also a range of services specifically for NHS organisations.


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