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New Partnership, the leading 50k independent executive recruitment site based in the United Kingdom and, a Workstream Company and leading $100K executive recruitment site based in the United States have formed a new strategic partnership aimed to help executive and senior-level job seekers gain access to more job opportunities worldwide. This alliance also allows both companies to present to their respective client base of employers and recruiters a wider pool of seasoned candidates willing to relocate internationally. Both companies have found that a growing number of their job seeker audience is open to exploring global job opportunities.I welcome our new partnership with, commented Justin Finch, Operations Director at Based on research from a recent survey, 30% of UK Senior Management candidates would be prepared to relocate globally if they found the right opportunity and in the current recession this type of candidate interest has increased significantly in recent months. Our new partnership with provides our candidates with a wider pool of global job opportunities, which brings major benefits to the users of both our sites.6FigureJobs is excited to form this alliance with because it benefits the US and UK executive and senior-level job seekers who have expressed a strong interest in international relocation, commented Paul DiNardo, Director of Marketing and Product Management at We want to give our job seekers the extra benefit of exploring opportunities in other markets and allow companies in other markets to reach out to flexible and motivated candidates.


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