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New recruitment website gives
jobseekers the chance to impress
CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM gives jobseekers the opportunity to showcase themselves, for FREE, to potential employers across the UK.
These talented people are looking for work for one reason, the credit crunch cost them their jobs.
At CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM they get a chance to stand out from the crowd and explain, in their own words, their commercial experience, what makes them different, and why they would be an asset to an employer.
At CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM it is the employer who chooses the candidate that catches their eye rather than waiting to see what a recruitment agency has decided to send them.
Employers register with CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM and search the candidates by region and industry sector. When they see someone they like they purchase their CV and contact them direct.
CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM candidate, Daisy, 24, from London, said: Being made redundant is horrible particularly when it is not your fault.
With CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM I have the chance to stand out from the crowd and get an interview with a prospective employer who already knows a bit about me and what I have done.
 Its a great idea for people looking for work. I have been telling everyone I know about it!
CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM saves employers time and money by charging (20 VAT) for every CV purchased and a further fee (of 980 VAT) for every CREAMOFTHECRUNCH.COM candidate they go on to employ.


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