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PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYMENT GAINING NEW POPULARITY For many professionals, employment in the public sector is becoming an increasingly appealing proposition, according to recruitment specialists Robert Walters. In an online web poll, professional candidates from 17 different countries were asked whether they would consider moving from private to public sector employment. Of 2,785 respondents, nearly two thirds (66%) said they would be more than happy to take on a role in the public sector. Candidates from Australia (78%), Luxembourg (78%), Ireland (73%) and New Zealand (70%) were most enthusiastic about making the change. In Thailand (36%), Spain (36%) and Malaysia (24%), a large proportion of candidates said that they would not consider working in the public sector. In comparison less than half of candidates in Singapore (40%) said that they would only take on a role in the public sector if there was no other option. Oliver Harris, Managing Director of Contract Recruitment at Robert Walters, commented: Global economic conditions mean that the private sector employment market is volatile, at a time when job security is more important than ever. This sentiment is reflected by the findings of our survey as an increasing number of candidates are willing to consider public sector roles. They are attracted by benefits that not only include job stability, but also more flexible working arrangements, competitive salaries and a good work/life balance.


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