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REC Drivers Group

REC Drivers Group stresses need to keep drivers working within industry despite recession A report out today by the Department of Transport has revealed a significant drop in the numbers of heavy goods vehicles now operating on the UKs roads resulting in a fivefold rise in the numbers of drivers now seeking work. Commenting on these figures, Mike Cooper, a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation's Drivers Sector Group Executive said: The recession was always going to hit the logistics industry harder than others because it does play an intermediary role between manufacturing, warehousing and retail. With sales of products down, there is less need to replenish stock in warehouses or shops. At the same time, there does appear to be a significant increase in volumes through internet shopping and hopefully, this could keep the logistics industry moving. Mike Cooper added: Once again, the emphasis must be on keeping drivers in the industry. The short-term measure of pay reduction, particularly in the temporary driver market, may appear attractive but must not be at the expense of quality. Recruitment agencies play a vital role monitoring driving time and checking licences, these activities are essential to safety and cannot be compromised. Otherwise, drivers will leave the industry never to return. For the same reasons they have been affected the most as the recession took hold, they are going to be needed in even greater numbers to get us all out of the current economic climate.


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