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RPO One (SM) Launched

RPO One (SM) Launched
The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) division of Spherion Corporation has announced it has launched RPO One(SM), an industry-leading, standardized RPO product that will allow companies to recruit top talent quickly via a highly scalable, cost-effective hiring solution. In today's uncertain business environment, companies are looking for a talent acquisition model that meets the immediate demands of their business, while adjusting to the ebbs and flows of the economy. RPO One is designed to streamline the entire recruitment process, offering clients a timely, steady and fluid supply of talent to meet their evolving business needs.
RPO One is an all-encompassing solution that incorporates the most critical elements of the candidate hiring process, including: an innovative and highly advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) a comprehensive reporting package and standardized workflow and service level agreements.
Additionally, its fast-track implementation process of only six weeks, enables companies to realize the bottom-line benefits of RPO at record speed.
Spherion's RPO One product enables companies to manage potential hires with a best-of-breed applicant tracking system. By instituting this technology, companies will experience immediate recruitment benefits from their RPO engagement. Depending on the organization's needs, Spherion can also manage the ATS investment that the client has previously incorporated in their talent acquisition process. The built-in ATS provides a sharpened focus on recruiting and allows the organization to identify the best candidates in an accelerated timeframe.
"In today's challenging hiring market, many organizations are engaging in RPO to take their recruitment process to the next level," said Rebecca Callahan, senior vice president of Spherion's Recruitment Process Outsourcing division. "RPO One will innovate and organize a company's talent acquisition strategy while significantly lowering costs. Additionally, HR organizations will see a marked improvement in the quality of candidates and a notable reduction in the time it takes to fill positions."
With RPO One, the entire recruitment engine - from sourcing and screening to hiring and on-boarding - has been standardized in order to provide more consistency in the hiring process. This will enable companies to see accelerated results during an RPO engagement and direct benefits to their bottom-line.
Spherion RPO provides end-to-end delivery of RPO services, as well as management of select areas of the recruiting process, for companies' unique hiring needs. Leveraging a dedicated team of seasoned recruiters, Spherion RPO helps clients find the best candidates across a comprehensive range of positions. Working with a company's talent management leadership, Spherion RPO helps clients optimize their talent acquisition process through a scalable recruiting solution that results in higher quality talent, improved time-to-fill, enhanced sourcing capabilities and significantly reduced hiring costs.


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