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Second Generation Comensura

Second Generation Comensura

Comensura, the UK's market leader in the procurement and management of indirect services, announces its second generation vendor-neutral managed recruitment service based on its market-leading technology platform The next generation service builds on the success of Comensuras unique approach, which combines a sophisticated technology with a selection of managed services. It will enable clients to build on the benefits they have gained from implementing Comensuras first generation solution by focussing on the quality of staff they recruit and making recruitment processes faster and more cost effective.

A key element of Comensuras second generation solution is the ability to improve quality through a re engineered balanced scorecard. This approach measures the performance of suppliers using a series of pre-established benchmarks and tiers them accordingly. The scorecard now offers greater levels of granularity and transparency, placing suppliers in one of 12 tiers, enabling suppliers to see clearly how they are rated and where they can make improvements. A fixed delay has also been introduced on all requests so that ratings are not just based on the agency fastest to put forward a candidate.

Comensuras clients can now also control up to 10 per cent of the metrics used to grade suppliers. The system could therefore reflect a clients preferences for local agencies over nationwide suppliers, for example, or the need to use price as the most important key selection criterion. The system can also be adjusted from month to month if requirements change.

The systems requirement card, which is used to request temporary staff, has also been made more detailed. Clients can enter a more precise candidate specification, and the system now enables an online discussion thread between the ordering manager and recruitment agency to help ensure the most suitable candidates are put forward.

Additional enhancements to Comensuras offering include:

Technology improvements:
Improved management information a new, extremely powerful data warehouse is being launched providing enhanced management information as well as giving clients the ability to interface with other applications to get an overview of the impact of staffing requirements across the organisation.
New dynamic dashboards these provide a real-time overview of recruitment across the organisation for procurement, finance and HR managers and enable alerting mechanisms to be set to highlight specific measures, for example if spend exceeds a certain level.
Integrated mobile messaging capabilities mobile internet or SMS messages can now be sent to mobile phones, smartphones or PDAs, alerting managers of key triggers, for example if a timesheet needs to be signed off. Interview reminders can also be sent to candidates to minimise no shows.
Improved front- and back-end integration, which is built on Microsofts .net platform, can now be integrated with other management applications on both client and supplier side, eliminating the need for double key entry. From a client perspective these could include purchase ordering, invoicing and service receipt systems.
Introduction of specialist resource bank Comensura can now offer its clients the ability to create a specialist resource bank within for pre-vetted temporary workers that have applied directly to the client. This is likely to be particularly useful for hard-to-fill temporary roles, such as teachers and social workers.

New managed services:
Demand management Comensura can now work with clients to improve the processes that affect temporary staff demand. Through a range of additional services such as authourisation, audit and workforce planning the organisation will help to significantly reduce demand for temporary staff within its clients and drive significant cost savings.
Addressing issues of worklessness Comensura is now integrated with Job Centre plus and Slivers of Time to help clients support local employment and is working with industry leading partners such as Remploy and Synergy Research to drive best practise.
Additional outsourced recruitment services To add to the organisations depth of services Comensura can now provide a range of outsourced recruitment services. These could include for example interview management, on boarding, vetting and testing, etc to drive quality improvements and deliver additional cost savings to clients.

Mike Trevor, CEO Comensura says, We are constantly developing our offering to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible service. Quality of staff is critical to any organisations success, regardless of the market they operate in. The new services and added flexibility we have built into our technology platform will ensure we continue to deliver significant cost savings to our clients and remain market leaders in the provision of vendor-neutral managed services.

Comensura is well established as a leading provider of procurement solutions, managing 400 million of spend per year. The platform handles in excess of two million transactions every year from more than 39,000 ordering managers. It has delivered significant cost savings to an impressive range of private and public sector organisations.


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