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Syntax Earmarked for High Growth Support

Syntax Earmarked for High Growth Support

Syntax Consultancy has been accepted onto the flagship HighGrowth East Midlands scheme in recognition of its continued strong performance in the recruitment industry.

It joins more than 70 fellow high growth businesses in the region in the business support scheme, funded by the East Midlands Development Agency, which helps ambitious and forwarding thinking businesses achieve their full growth potential.

Syntax, based in College Place, Derby, is now the East Midlands largest independently-owned permanent and contract IT and technical recruitment consultancy.

The company diversified last year into application and technical IT and executive development training and into IT services to the SME market with its merger with Software Training Services and Arcanza IT Services.

In the first six months of its 2008/2009 financial year (September 09 to March 09) Syntax Consultancy has achieved 6 million turnover and 2 million gross profit which is a 35% increase on the same time last year.

Syntax Consultancy Managing Director Roger Frost explained: Securing HighGrowth status during these tough economic conditions is testament to our decision last year to expand geographically, into new markets and in the services that we offer.

Companies and organisations are still recruiting and we specialise in providing them with the best talent in the East Midlands.

Our 20-year pedigree in the permanent and contract IT recruitment market has therefore secured our position and opened new markets throughout the public and private sectors.

We are the regional NHS preferred contract IT recruitment provider and are now working in the MOD on both recruitment and IT training contracts. We are also becoming recognised as a leading supplier to major energy providers throughout the UK and Europe.

Having opened an office in Berlin this time last year, we are now placing permanent and contract IT personnel in companies and organisations in both Germany and Denmark.

And our diversification into IT services as well as IT and executive development training has secured existing relationships giving us another reason to talk to our established customers as well as opening new doors to us in both the private and public sectors.

Although trading conditions continue to be challenging, we have increased efficiency through investment in the latest technology and training support programmes for all our staff to ensure customers receive a high quality service at cost effective rates across our services.

The HighGrowth East Midlands scheme will give us access to top level business support and advice to consolidate and build on the growth we have already achieved in the past six months. It will also help us continue to look for opportunities to expand both in size and capability as well as by diversifying into new business markets.


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