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Agencies Ahoy!

Agencies Ahoy!
The Weve survived the Credit Crunch so far boat cruise.
Saturday the 13th June provided the perfect weather for short sleeves and un-spilled gin and tonics as agencies from as far afield as Blackpool and Gatwick were entertained by Cash Simply to a splendid evening of food, drink and merriment whilst cruising on the river Severn.
Coach pick up points around the forest close to homes and hotels allowed those travelling that way to sing along with the consummate guitar skills and great voice of Eric Witheridge.  Needless to say they were in great form by boarding time.
Those who arrived under their own steam were not missed out.  Not only a great band en board but brilliant customer performances of Mustang Sally from a director of Map2 and I will survive from a director of Aaron Wallis added to the integrated and informal nature of the cruise.
Tom Atkinson, Chief Executive of Cash Simply said, After seeing so many banks needing to be bailed out and so many agencies folding, it was a great time to celebrate survival of the Credit Crunch so far with some of our agency customers. Our location is off the normally beaten track so it was good not only to see so many of our agency customers make the effort to attend but also to see so many of them make a weekend of it so they could enjoy the truly breathtaking scenery that the Malvern Hills/Forest of Dean area has to offer.
This is not the first time we have done this sort of thing but it was the best attended and agencies were able to let their hair down in the company of financiers, insurers and lawyers, as well as those members of staff who make sure their Temps are paid on time and debt gets collected. I am sure that a lot of free advice was gleaned and relationships formed before the revelries got into full swing.
Heres to surviving the Credit Crunch and celebrating again next summer.


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