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Combating fraud

Combating fraud
Combating fraud will be a major future trend in IT, RECs Technology Sector Group told at Summer Dinner
Dealing with the growing instances of fraud will be key to the growth of the technology industry, a leading expert told members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederations Technology Sector Group.
Speaking at the sector groups Summer Dinner, Nigel Virgo, Head of Specialist Consulting Sales at database giant Oracle said that such was the threat that cyber fraud currently poses to business  that investors were now thinking twice about investing in companies which had a poor record in data security.
The situation is far different than it was 10 to 15 years ago as so much information such as names, addresses, credit card details, National Insurance numbers and driving licence information now form much of the internal data, making audits for companies a lot tougher especially when the management of the information gets out of control, he said.
As a result, the kind of jobs within technology which will be created in the future to meet this trend will include enterprise architecture, project management, identity and access management and IT security, planning and management.
Other guest speaker, the Daily Mails political sketch writer Quentin Letts speculated light heartedly on the most suitable future careers for former Government Cabinet members such as Hazel Blears, suggesting ex-Cabinet placements may be a major growth area for recruiters.
He said the recent Parliamentary expenses row, while damaging to the Government, had provided an opportunity for a major re-adjustment in democracy by giving more power back to the people.
Around 40 members of the RECs Technology Sector Group attended the summer dinner, hosted by the groups chair Jeff Brooks and held at the Haymarket Hotel, London.
He said afterwards: This has been an extremely challenging time for members, but with the pace of the downturn slowing, we must focus on the future and see what the key changes in the market will be.
Technology recruiters benefit tremendously from advanced market intelligence by being a member of the REC Technology group and sharing such knowledge and best practice through unique networking opportunities such as tonights event. I know that everyone very much enjoyed the occasion.


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