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REC Nursing and Social Care Sector Group

REC Nursing and Social Care Sector Group calls for reduction in red tape

The proposed new registration scheme for care workers is the latest regulatory measure for care provider to get to grips with.

Although specialised care agencies fully support measures to enhance safety and professionalism in the sector, it is crucial to ensure that unnecessary bureaucracy is not added to the provision of care services.

As a result, the RECs Nursing and Social Care Sector Group has put forward practical solutions for implementing the new registration scheme.

Outlining these suggestions, Peter Cullimore, the groups Chair said: "The current Government thinking is that care workers would apply for registration. Agencies already have to check that workers have the necessary training, CRB and reference before they were registered. There would be no added value as a result of their registration other than a requirement to register for an NVQ which is already required by the National Minimum Standards.

"The REC proposal is that agencies would themselves register care workers who would not be working for them without them having met the proposed requirements and notify the General Social Care Council of their registration. This would appreciably reduce the unnecessary bureaucracy but still achieve the raising of status. It would also reduce the cost of registration."

At the outset, one of the main justifications of the registration scheme was the safety of children and vulnerable adults. This has to be one of the primary concerns for those involved in the care sector, but the subsequent development of the Independent Safeguarding Authority means this aim can now be achieved even without this registration scheme.

REC Nursing and Social Care is a strong advocate for the improvement in the status of care workers but considers that registration does not need to be as bureaucratic as is being proposed.

The REC will continue to lobby the Government on this issue. The REC Nursing and Social Care Group will also be discussing this issue at the next general meeting on 9th September, when Mike Wardle, CEO of the GSCC, will be the guest speaker.


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