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Report highlights risks

Report highlights risks of cutting costs in care sector, says REC

The Recruitment and Employment Confederations Nursing and Social Care Sector Group has responded to national newspaper claims that a reverse online auction system developed for NHS trusts and local authorities is being used to purchase care for vulnerable elderly people.

The report in the Times today alleged that up to 30 reverse e-auctions had been held by the NHS in London to drive down bids for contracts worth 195 million for palliative and dementia care for patients leaving hospital.

Commenting on the report, Peter Cullimore, Chair of the Nursing and Social Care Sector Group said: The findings published in The Times today highlight once again the risks that are inherent in the current strategy adopted by some NHS Trusts and local authorities. Cutting costs usually comes at a price -that of providing adequate care for the most vulnerable in our society.

In these difficult economic times, it is important that NHS Trusts do not forget about the importance of quality in an inhumane drive to cut down costs. A right balance must be struck between quality of care and acceptable rates, whereby our elderly and others in need of care receive the care they need."


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