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Big Apple

Big Apple
Burnsoft Ltd has announced that Recruiter for iPhone/iPod Touch has been submitted to Apple for inclusion to the AppStore.
Recruiter is an easy-to-use candidate and client database for Recruitment Consultants from all business sectors.
With Recruiter, you can easily record and maintain the Client and Candidate information you access most frequently wherever you are. 
Track candidates availability, job title, start/end dates, rates, skill.
Easily amend candidate data.
Instant snapshot of your current % Margin, Total Weekly Margin and Average Margin.
Highlight candidates nearing project completion.
Add call notes to candidates and clients, each note can then be emailed.
Application badge reminder option to show total number of candidates working for you.
Call Clients/Candidates from within the application.
Using your own Address Book, Recruiter automatically populates Company and Client Contact information on launch
and makes adding new candidate information a very simple procedure. (Any contact that has a company name is imported)
Further Information, including Release Updates, Screenshots and Videos are available at


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