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IT staff lack business acumen

IT staff lack business acumen.
A Parity study reveals IT staff lacking crucial business skills to help them succeed in modern IT roles.
Over half of IT staff think business knowledge and communication skills are missing from IT departments, research from Parity  has found.
Conversely, 58 per cent of managers are frustrated by the lack of understanding of wider business issues amongst IT staff with 70 per cent in agreement that communication skills and business knowledge are the most critical areas for development within the IT team.
 Parity is warning companies to heed these results and take action before IT departments become isolated and hunger for development among staff members is lost. Managers should consider how they can develop the skills within their IT team so that the business can benefit, said Alan Rommel, managing director at Parity Resources  Even without a training budget, there are activities and sessions that can be run within the organisation to equip IT staff with the skills they need.
In addition, the study found that over 85 per cent of IT staff believe people skills should be evaluated when selecting new IT recruits. The survey also highlighted a lack of psychometric testing at the recruitment stage (among two thirds of respondents), which could help evaluate a candidates skills set before they are hired.
 As we look to recover from the economic downturn, it is vital that organisations make the most of the resources available to them, said Alan Rommel, managing director at Parity Resources.
It is clear from our research that both staff and managers want to develop their skills set and business knowledge so they are better equipped in their job. Both sides are singing from the same hymn sheet which is a good start but why arent the two listening to each other? We are witnessing more recruiters wanting to hire all-rounders who can contribute to the business beyond the traditional IT remit, added Rommel.


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