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New blood to boost bottom line

New blood to boost bottom line
Despite continuing recession, 53% of UK employers are still recruiting
According to findings from report on hiring in an economic downturn, Recessional recruiting:
53 per cent of employers are still hiring, despite the recession
35 per cent of UK employers are hoping to ride out the recession by recruiting specific talent
Strategic consultants, sales managers and new business people are the most sought-after recession-busting hires
The full report is available for free download at:
One in three (35 per cent) UK employers are hoping to ride out the recession by recruiting specific talent.
According to Jobsites new research report Recessional recruiting ( many industries, including retail and recruitment, are currently aiming to attract new blood to help boost their bottom line.
Talent most sought after includes strategic consultants (16 per cent), sales managers (21 per cent), new business people (20 per cent), and online gurus (nine per cent).
At the same time, close to a quarter (23 per cent) of companies say they are only recruiting critical hires crucial to the survival of their business, with customer service, sales and travel & tourism sectors the most likely to be following this staffing strategy.
Despite the continuing recession shaking the confidence of over half of employers, 53% are still recruiting. This is good news for workers in the pharmaceutical (76 per cent), education (74 per cent), charity (69 per cent), retail (59 per cent) and IT (46 per cent) industries, who are doing the most active recruitment.
It would seem middle management positions are also experiencing a rise in demand, with three times as many middle manager roles now available for every one senior role. This finding reflects the fact that businesses are increasingly favouring experienced staff but with lower salary expectations than senior managers.
Nevertheless, one in five (17 per cent) organisations have put a freeze on their recruitment plans, with, perhaps unsurprisingly, automotive (40 per cent), construction (32 per cent), and the hospitality (20 per cent) sectors the worst hit. 
Industry experts at are today advising businesses to take a long-term look at recruitment and, where possible, consider tackling the downturn head-on by making positive hires.
Keith Potts, CEO of said: As the recession continues, your recruitment plans will undoubtedly be impacted. Its important for all businesses to have plans in place to work through the period in as smooth a way as possible while remaining competitive.
A recruitment freeze may seem like your only option, but by making some key appointments now it could help your company to both survive the recession and place it in a good position for rapid recovery as the economy improves.
If recruitment really isnt an option, look at how you can utilise other existing talent and adjust roles and responsibilities across the organisation. 


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