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Connexion2, manufacturer of the award winning range of Identicom lone worker protection devices, has developed a new portfolio of SoloProtect services.  The new range of lone worker security management training and consultancy services will focus on working with both the employer and employee to enhance the protection of lone workers.   The services are not restricted to Identicom users and are equally beneficial to employers and employees where lone worker safety technology is not in place.
Although technology can aid an employees personal safety and enable them to quickly obtain help when needed, it cannot prevent conflict situations arising.  Recognising this, Connexion2 has enhanced its SoloProtect service range to include comprehensive and practical lone worker safety and conflict management training that will directly benefit lone workers.
With the increases in health and safety legislation there is even greater emphasis on employers to safeguard their employees, says Ann de Vere, Services Director at Connexion2.  It is therefore important that managers understand the unique challenges that face their staff when working alone.  SoloProtect Services offer training which is specifically tailored to meet the needs of any manager who has responsibility for lone workers, she concluded.
The introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act in April 2008 has helped sharpen the minds of all those responsible for managing lone workers and means that employers are increasingly looking at ways to mitigate risk. The new range of SoloProtect services has been developed specifically to assist employers protect staff, minimise risk and meet their duty of care.


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