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Online Recruitment News
Well now you can find everything you need with
This breakthrough website allows you to review your experiences with ANY
recruitment firm or company and it can also take the guesswork out of job searching - and it.s all FREE.
Director of, Oliver Urpi said: .As a former recruiter I was approached by a friend who was a solicitor. She asked me to recommend companies to work for and a good agency to help her. I had heard of some companies but they were just the big firms who spent a lot of money on advertising, not necessarily good companies to work for and I couldn.t think of any agencies that I could honestly recommend. It was this that made me realise that it.s impossible to judge a company without first-hand experience. They all the best. So I decided to do something about it and that.s why I created Recruitment launches its Totaljobs Barometer to track trends in UK online job market, one of the UKs leading recruitment websites, today announced the launch of its Totaljobs Barometer. This new tool will provide users with a range of data about the UK online recruitment market, across 33 sectors and 8 regions. The Totaljobs Barometer data can be filtered so that users can focus in on a particular region or sector, meaning that patterns specific to those areas can be identified and analysed.
John Salt, website director of totaljobs, comments: We have access to a wide range of insightful information about the online recruitment market, and the Totaljobs Barometer is a way for us to share this information with our users. Being able to investigate the data in more detail also allows recruiters to find out about the current state of the market in their area, allowing them to work out the best times to recruit to find the best quality candidates, for example.
In addition, the information available on the Totaljobs Barometer will be used to produce quarterly whitepapers, examining the trends in the relationship between the number of jobs available and the demand for positions from UK jobseekers. The reports will also provide those in the recruitment market with first hand insight into the signs of uplift in a sector or region.
To mark the launch of the Totaljobs Barometer, the first whitepaper is now available, which compares the two month period April/May 2009, to February/March 2009. Key findings include: a 23% rise in applications per job (over April) and an 11% rise in searches for jobs in Banking, Insurance and the Finance Industry.
A new online recruitment company,, is set to save businesses across the UK millions of pounds each year on expensive recruitment costs.
Set up by Edinburgh-based entrepreneur, Alex Crovetti, and his partner, Rebecca Klayman, Playfair & Noble (P&N) will levy exceptionally low fees, only 7% of the employees first year salary, compared to an industry standard of between 15% and 25%. This has been achieved by allowing employers and professionals to communicate directly and discreetly, without the interference and prohibitive cost of a middle man.
P&N also offers cash rewards to both professionals employed through its website 50% of the fee and referrers of professionals when they are employed through the site 10% of the fee. The innovative referral system means referrers can leverage social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn to earn rewards.
Alex Crovetti (33) explained: After years of being hounded by unsolicited recruitment calls, I felt there was a real gap in the market for a more transparent, honest and rewarding recruitment service for professional job seekers and employers.
Most traditional agencies charge employers between 15% and 25% of the successful candidates first year salary we charge less than half of the lowest standard fee, allowing companies to save money on recruitment.
Unlike other agencies, we also dont restrict the number of CVs that can be viewed or charge employers any upfront fees to look at those on our site. Employers can contact professionals directly through the website.
Alex continues: P&N empowers professionals and employers by giving them controlled visibility and the freedom to speak to each other, a fundamental value that the recruitment industry, acting as a self serving entity, has prevented.
With privacy and discretion as paramount concerns, CVs are only made available to registered employers. In addition, professionals can control who views their CV, for example by blocking their current employer.
Although still in its infancy, the company, which caters for professionals and employers across all sectors, has already forged relationships with various organisations, including law firm, Semple Fraser, and engineering practice, Structural Design Consultants.
Ian Anderson, HR Director of Semple Fraser, said: "We like the innovative approach which P&N has brought to our recruitment market. Our early experience of working with Alex and Rebecca has been positive and gives us confidence that their approach does what it says on the tin.
While noting the obvious positives P&N offers, and also the 100% refund of fees if a professional does not complete the probationary period, P&N will not spam job seekers with e-mails, bombard employers with CVs, advertise bogus jobs or cold call perspective professionals. 
Paul Thomson, Managing Director of SDC, said: Playfair & Noble are the future of recruitment - open, honest and fair to the employee and the employer.
Despite launching their business in the midst of an economic downturn, Alex and Rebecca believe their timing is perfect. 
Workforces and the employment market go through an element of shrinkage in times such as these, but that means there are more people, many of them professionals, who are on the lookout for a new position. For employers it means that those who are hiring have a bigger pool of talent available to them and, with Playfair & Noble, at a much lower cost, says Alex.


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