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Parity pushes for online security clearance capability

Parity pushes for online security  clearance capability improved system needed to meet increased public  sector demand for DV-level authorisation
Parity, the IT and business solutions provider, is pushing the Government to introduce online security clearance processes to meet the growing need from the public sector for DV-level cleared candidates. The recent Transformational Government Agenda and Digital Britain Report have outlined plans for better government websites and more public access to the Internet. However, Parity would like this to move a step further, towards the provision of online procedures to speed up the security clearance process an efficiency the Government should be keen to embrace. Demand for contractors with the highest level of security clearance has hit an all-time high, according to Parity. This has led to a shortage of suitably qualified individuals to fill critical governmental roles, and increased pressure on the process for running background checks on contractors.Its critical for recruitment agencies to be aligned to government department needs, providing the right candidates, with the right security clearance, in a timely manner, said Alan Rommel, managing director, at Parity. Positions left unfilled for any length of time can lead to inefficiencies, project failure or, in extreme circumstances, a threat to national security.Recruitment agencies that undertake the security clearance for clients remove the hassle involved with sourcing suitable staff, and ensure the public sector is provided with quality, qualified individuals quickly and efficiently.An online process would speed the typically lengthy procedure further, improving efficiency and supporting national security aims, Rommel concluded.


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