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REC claims TUC report

REC claims TUC report on agency workers is based on perception, not fact

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation has responded to the TUC report published today which claimed agency workers still suffer discrimination and abuse and are still treated as second class employees.

Commenting on report, Kevin Green, the RECs Chief Executive, said: "The TUC survey is mostly based on perception rather than fact and the idea that temporary workers are systematically exploited and underpaid is wide of the mark.

Blinkered calls for a heavy-handed implementation of the new EU regulations completely ignore the bigger picture and could result in putting more people on the dole. Temporary work is by definition different to permanent employment and there are huge practical issues linked to establishing equal treatment in the UK especially where there are no formal pay scales to refer to.

Kevin Green added: Recruitment agencies believe that the EU Directive could add over 20% of cost to the provision of agency workers and could lead to a significant drop in demand from employers. The last thing we need at the moment is to suffocate the UKs agency market and negate the crucial role that temporary work can play in the upturn. The Government must implement the EU Directive in a way that is workable and must be prepared to challenge the Trade Unions' outdated approach to flexible working options."


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