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Dillistone Systems Publishes Whitepaper

Dillistone Systems Publishes Whitepaper on How to Best Select An Executive Search Management System
Dillistone Systems strongly believes that retained  executive search firms can increase their competitive advantage and efficiency by sourcing the most suitable executive search recruitment software. As a global company with over twenty years experience in developing a comprehensive, flexible and easy to use tool for executive recruitment, Dillistone Systems is proud to present its latest, white paper How To Select An Executive Search Management System, highlighting key factors that every executive search firm should consider when selecting their next system.
Jason Starr, Managing Director of Dillistone Systems, the firm behind FILEFINDER the specialist software for executive recruiters, said: "Selecting executive search recruitment software can be daunting and confusing, especially in todays competitive environment where there is a wide range of apparently similar products. As a buyer, it is vital that you understand the differences between executive search systems, and more generic recruiting software. This white paper should help you do exactly that.
For a detailed report, please read Dillistone Systems latest white paper, which can be downloading from here (


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